Course Projects

SFU Library Digital Publishing works with SFU instructors in a variety of subjects to publish journals and books in their courses. These projects feature students' work and involve students in the publishing process where they can learn about scholarly publishing and practice things like peer review and copy editing while getting course credit for their work. A librarian is available to visit the class to discuss topics such as author rights and copyright, open access publishing, creative commons licensing, and more. To learn more about in-class publishing projects, please see our webpage on Journal publishing options > Creating a course journal, and contact us to discuss your project idea!

A Chapbook Anthology of Female Romantic Poets Writing in English
ENGL 420W: Pope-ular Analysis
ENGL 435: Making Nineteenth-Centry Literary Environments
GSWS 333: Intersectional Apocalypse
Jordan and the Magic Cape (IAT 33)
Our Reading Roots
The Pleasures Sought by Others You Despise: Vice and Virtue in Eighteenth-Century Poetry
President's Dream Colloquium: Making Knowledge Public
PUB 371: The Structure of the Book Publishing Industry in Canada
WL 404W: Literature and Translation
Women Writers' Archive