Our Reading Roots


Nicky Didicher (ed)


Readers, Reading, Libraries, Librarians


In Our Reading Roots, the participants in English 487 Topics in Children's Literature in Summer 2021 at Simon Fraser University share stories of becoming readers, relationships with libraries and librarians, family reading time, social struggles, comfort and discomfort, expanding ideas of inclusion, and the joy and value of reading.   

ISBN: 978-1-77287-088-6


  • Cover
  • Frontmatter
  • Table of Contents
  • Our Reading Roots: Introduction
    Nicky Didicher
  • Recommendations: Titles We Beg You to Read or Avoid
    Students in ENGL 487, Nicky Didicher
  • From Windows to Mirrors: My Reading Journey
    Nimrit Basra
  • Darcy, Heathcliff, and the Drama in Solitary Reading
    Justin Bermudez
  • Circling Back through Books
    Kelly Pei Xuan Chia
  • Do You Smell Something Burning?
    Nicky Didicher
  • Exiting the Fantasy Bubble
    Erielle Dizon
  • The Reluctant Silent Reader: How One Woman Stopped Pretending to Read Animorphs Books and Became an English Major
    Sophia Dobischok
  • My Fictitious Friends and I
    Lily Nichol
  • No Longer Ariel: Leaving the Archetypes of Children’s Literature Behind and Learning to be My Own Strong Female Character
    Rachel Sargeant
  • Analyzing the Eggs, Never Making an Omelet
    Natasha Tar


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August 30, 2021