A Chapbook Anthology of Female Romantic Poets Writing in English


Nicky Didicher (ed)
Simon Fraser University


This chapbook anthology of poems by female-identifying Romantic-era poets writing in English is the product of a senior-year seminar in English literature at Simon Fraser University in the Summer term of 2020. Each student found a poet and poem that interested them and contributed a section to the chapbook: each section contains a headnote with biographical/other contextual information, an edited version of the poem, and explanatory footnotes.

ISBN: 978-1-77287-089-3


  • Cover
  • Frontmatter
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    Nicky Didicher
  • Anna Seward, “Philippic on a Modern Epic”
    Jacob Goldbeck
  • Anna Laetitia Barbauld, “To the Poor”
    Yumna Parker
  • Hannah More, Slavery, a Poem
    Lindsay Ho-Sekimoto
  • Susanna Blamire, “Moonlight”
    Rachel Sargeant
  • Charlotte Smith, Sonnet III “To A Nightingale”
    Juan Aguilar
  • Joanna Baillie, “A Sorrowful Mind”
    Morgan Matthew
  • Phillis Wheatley, “A Funeral Poem on the Death of C.E. An Infant of Twelve Months”
    Simran Sahota
  • Mary Robinson, “London’s Summer Morning”
    Julia Kemp
  • Dorothy Wordsworth, “Loving and Liking”
    Xin Yun Cui
  • Lady Caroline Lamb, “Cold Was the Season of the Year”
    Ryan Elkan
  • Felicia Hemans, “Casabianca”
    Shamiza Khan
  • Louisa Stuart Costello, “On the Death of My Brother, Who Was Unfortunately Lost in His Majesty's Ship Tweed, Off the Coast of Newfoundland”
    Dorian Nijdam
  • Widow Fleck, “In Praise of a Good Cup of Tea”
    Vivian Chong


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September 1, 2020