Public Service Media Initiatives in the Global South


Anis Rahman; Gregory Ferrell Lowe; Bouziane Zaid; José Antonio Brambila; Roslina Abdul Latif; Badrul Redzuan Abu Hassan; Hamilton Chung-Ming Cheng; Yang Lee; Nomonde Gongxeka


public service media, communications


This book makes an important and timely contribution to an increasingly global discourse on the meanings, values and roles of public service in media provision today. While acknowledging the significant contributions of the public service broadcasting heritage in the Global North in efforts to establish such provision in the Global South, the contributors explain why simple imitation is unlikely to ever work well enough across such a diverse range of countries and regions with crucial differences in their histories, languages, cultures and experiences.

"This volume counter-balances the heavy Western bias in the existing scholarship, which often laments the decline or crisis of public service media (PSM).  Proceeding with both a theoretical and comparative sensibility, and centred on seven case studies from the global South, this book explores major challenges and opportunities for PSM.  Refreshingly optimistic, it generates some surprising conclusions about the role of both the state and local communities in the performance and future of PSM in the distinctive cultural and political contexts of the South.  It will be a valuable resource to media researchers, teachers, policymakers, practitioners, and anyone concerned with the prospects for democratic communication globally." -- Robert Hackett, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University

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  • Complete Book
  • Table of Contents
  • Frontmatter
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Preface
    Gregory Ferrell Lowe
  • Introduction
    Anis Rahman
  • 1. Public Media Initiatives in Bangladesh and South Asia: Politics and Prospects
    Anis Rahman
  • 2. Public Service Broadcasting Structure and Performance in Morocco and the MENA Region
    Bouziane Zaid
  • 3. Public Media Service in Mexico and Latin America: Recent Improvements and Future Challenges
    José Antonio Brambila
  • 4. PSM Initiatives in the Southeast Asian Region: A Comparative Study between Malaysia and Indonesia
    Roslina Abdul Latif, Badrul Redzuan Abu Hassan
  • 5. Taiwan Public Service Broadcasting—Devoted Professionalism, Representative Civil Society, and Weak Governance
    Hamilton Chung-Ming Cheng, Yang Lee
  • 6. South Africa’s Experience with Public Service Media
    Nomonde Gongxeka


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July 26, 2016